DoSPOT access points for comfortable Internet!
Public free Wi-Fi service

As long as you have a device compatible to Wi-Fi, you can use the Internet free of charge for a maximum of 15 minutes, up to 4 times a day. (Maximum 15 minutes × 4 times = maximum 60 minutes per day)

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Pin 1 DoSPOT available
Pin 2 DoSPOT available (with coupon)
Pin 3 DoSPOT and Docomic available
Pin 4 DoSPOT and Docomic available (with coupon)

Last update : October 20, 2021

- Please bear in mind that the "NTTWEST-SPOT" SSID cannot be used at some access points.
- DoComic・・・DoComic is a service that you can use for unlimited reading of a wide range of comics free of charge with your existing smart phone, tablet etc. (Japanese only)

To use DoSPOT conveniently

Wi-Fi connection app (free of charge) for easy access To free Wi-Fi all over Japan
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- Once you complete the usage registration, you can use the service with one tap over several areas.
- you can search for specific Wi-Fi service areas all over Japan, including eastern Japan.
- Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi is an application that enables you to connect to the free Wi-Fi Internet provided
by NTT Broadband Platform, Inc. (NTTBP).